Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2008

Holiday greetings and love to all. We truly hope that you are surrounded by all the love and warmth you can handle this day, enjoying all the gifts that life can give.

Christmas in Martinique is unique thus far. It is certainly tropical and green for a good reason. Refreshing rain showers and squalls run through about every hour. You can see them coming, wash over you and roll on their way in minutes. It is much like being in an automated car wash. It helps a lot to break up the humidity and heat. The energy and livelihood of the people rings through even in their Christmas music. We've only gone ashore so far really for grocery shopping and a bit of internet.

Christmas Eve we had a fun get together with our two pal American boats, Don and Anna on s/v Redwood Coast II and the Kelly's on s/v Moorea. It is always fun to see how resourceful people out here can be with home made gifts and impromptu pot lucks. Generosity abounds. Santa found his way the boat between rain showers and the family has enjoyed a quiet and comfy Christmas morning. The boys are already engrossed in a crystal making set, pirate costumes, new books and a game boy game. Oh yes,
and there's plenty of chocolate to keep us going for a while.

Christams day activities include our continued tradition of cleaning all the goose neck barnacles that hitched a ride across the Atlantic on the bottom of the boat.

Blessings to you on this joyous day, remebering the reason for the season. The truest gift of all, life everlasting.

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Anonymous said...

Great to read your logs of the crossing which must have been the longest one! Uau.

Diva - yes DIVA arrived safely dec 18th in Brazils Parati - Juan brought her from Australia via South Africa

We spent X-mas and new year on her and it was like time travel after a year on land to back on the boat all 5 as you met us in Tongatapu! What a treat for our souls.

Life is good and we enjoy having the boat near. Just made another weekend trip and now are back to school, worka dn homework - you know - , well do you still know?? PLEASE enjoy every minute of the cruising life - you will miss it dearly once back on land!!!!
Big hug and kisses from the DIVA Gang - The Essle Family