Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea
March 31, 2008
coordinates 11 46.437N, 060 22.290E

You know you've been on passage a while when you don't know how many days it's been and you have no desire to find out how much farther you have to go. I will say we have only 683 miles left! We continue to float along at only 1.5 knots sometimes. It is only tolerable because the seas have been so flat. It is more comfortable than being on anchor at times. As a captive audience we have accomplished more school in one week that in a month sometimes. Then again, learning comes in all forms.
The down side would still be shifts and shift change. Poor Bruce and I pass each other like, well, ships in the night. (Sorry, I had to do it) We get enough sleep but it isn't always very restful and the margins between awake and asleep seemed to get more blurred at times. All's well though. No complaints and our atrophied muscles are eating very well so you can imagine how that will end up. Hopefully there will be a lot of walking to do once we hit shore.

We heard that congratulations were in order for "Catalina". The makers of our beautiful girl, Ohana Kai, recently made the 1,000th version of our Catalina 42. It is the only boat in history of our length to be made in that great of numbers. I know there are a lot of fans out there for originals and one-off boats, but in order to have a need to create 1000 they must be doing something right. Though she is not known for being an "off shore" boat she is serving us very well. People often ask if
we worry about the boat in such situations. Nope. She knows what she is doing. As Bruce often says, "It is the jockey not the horse to question."
until next time,
your Ohana Kai crew

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