Monday, May 28, 2007

Malolo'lailai Island

No doubt the most common word we hear any where in Fiji. Hands down they are some of the most friendly people we have met anywhere on our travels. They will come up behind us on the streets just to say hello and have a conversation, genuine and kind.
In the last two weeks we finished the repairs on the sails and other odd projects and set out to explore. Our first stop was Batiluva Resort on the island of Yanuca, just south of Viti Levu. A quiet little surf resort get away run by American's Sharon and Dan. This exquisite little get away was the perfect stop to rejuvenate our souls. The Kelly's on Moorea joined us and they boys got in a great day of surfing at the famous Frigates Pass. The odd thing about Fiji is that whether by tribal or
American influence, they have come to "own" the waves. Some of the worlds most famous surfing waves exist here but are off limits to most people unless you are paying the right price to stay at the hotel that "owns" the wave. Interesting concept. We enjoyed the friendship and kindness at Batiluva and felt none of the that there. Everything there is for you to share in. They boys had a blast with kayaks and helping Dan care for the grounds by keeping the burn pile well fed. Sharon kept us well
fed with a delicious home made meal.

Next on the stop was Musket Cove on the Island of Malolo'lailai. Located west of the main island of Viti Levu it is tucked in a host of islands that are quickly becoming covered in resorts. Guide books a couple of years old that may have mentioned one or two resorts could now be packed with seven. The friendliness is still present, maybe a bit more forced. We are enjoying being anchored out in a slightly protected cove. Still spending our mornings with chores and school and our afternoons filled
with fun. We gave the boys their first lessons on riding Bruce's kite board as a wake board behind the dinghy. Great fun and everyone was able to get up the first day. Next on the list was testing out a couple of different resort pools on shore. Some with slides and some the perfect shape for Marco Polo. There aren't many places where you literally have to walk across a dirt airport landing strip just to reach your destination. Only in paradise. Last but not least this week the boys and I
had our first shot at flying the trainer kite in preparation someday for learning how to kite surf. Set on a small sandy cay that disappears with the tide we had to hustle as the water came up around our ankles. The smiles on their faces said it all.

We took a quick break in there to move the boat over to the main land for check in's to this new island group and when the opportunity arises, we always see a movie. This time it was Pirates of the Caribbean III. Our favorite quote "The world is getting smaller. No, it's the same size, there's just less in it." Watching as each culture we've visited losses a bit of it's individuality in the name of progress we might have to agree.

We will play out the remainder of our time in Fiji floating around this and some surrounding islands. We are awaiting some parts to be mailed here and then we are anxious to head out to Vanuatu and explore their volcanos.

Until next time,
your Ohana Kai crew

Remember, when you email us, please write to this address as we cannot retrieve the yahoo and addresses until we find internet. It has been very difficult to find in Fiji. When you do reply make sure that you cut out the old email info and start fresh. We cannot handle great volumes of information through the Ham radio. Thanks.

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